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Private fares, ancillaries, branded offer, NDC, personnalization, continuous pricing… Whithin the next 5 years, the number of pricing points managed by airlines might be mulptiplied by 10!

Offering the right product at the right price is now a challenge. Data analysis gets more and more complex. Pricing teams are under pressure to be competitive where they should be able available to understand and anticipate customer needs.

Because we consider that people must remain central in pricing decisions, we build adequate solutions for easy pricing strategies and tactics. 

Our services

Our team is composed of talented experts: pricers from major airlines, marketing data specialists and machine learning researchers

As professionals, we know that pricing strategy is a complex balance of market trends and commercial objectives. Therefore we developed a customized approach coupling sense of business and data analysis. 

Through a real time service, we provide relevant business decisions in order to exceed strategic goals.

  • Real time
  • No integration
  • Immediately available

1- Choose your scope

Define O&D, benchmarks and objectives

2- Review proposed actions

Monitor full scope, real time fares

3- See results

Leverage team performance​

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